Is this allowing an urge?

Dear Coaches,
I’ve made a protocol for drinking wine that I’m really happy with. One aspect is to not drink wine after work as a way to unwind/destress/relax. Yesterday one part of my mind threw a tantrum because it really, really wanted to stop on the way home after work and buy a bottle of wine. It tried every trick it could think of – you deserve it, it will taste so good, you had a tough day, etc. Another part of my mind was compassionately observing and responding to this tantrum like a parent – saying things like – I know you really want wine. I know it’s hard. I’m sorry but no – we’re not doing that any more. That’s not how we handle stress. We’re doing so well – let’s keep it going, etc. One one hand it worked, I didn’t stop and buy wine. But it also seemed really weird – like different parts of my brain were detached from one another. Afterward I kept thinking – who is you and we and I in that conversation – it’s all me??? Anyway, my question is – was this allowing an urge or was it white knuckling through it. I’m also not sure if this is a good long term strategy since I can imagine giving in pretty easily if I’m too tired or stressed after work (kind of like giving in to a toddler just to make him stop crying and be quiet). Any advice on how to handle this differently would be appreciated. Thank you.