Is this normal?

I’m a newish coach and I did a Facebook live video and normally I just share content.

But someone started asking me questions, and I’ve never really coached someone before live (normally I do text coaching).

Instead of seizing up, I asked her questions, held space, explained concepts, showed her her thoughts etc.

And she says “great I’ll try it”

Afterwards, I felt like ass. My brain wanted to go to all the things I could’ve done better, but I couldn’t really think of anything I could’ve done better but I still feel like crap.

Is this normal?

Normally if I did something like this, I’d obsessively go research everything I missed or try prove my concepts right.

But I’m deciding to just sit here with the discomfort. Is this the right thing to do?

If I feel like crap, I don’t need to go research more? My model usually says:

C: Business
T: I don’t know enough
F: uncertain
A: obsessively learn more knowledge
R: realize more I don’t know

Then it loops haha