Is this *too* impossible?

Dear Brooke,

It has been a worthy challenge to try to pick one impossible goal from the 10 major life things I feel like I MUST achieve next year since I’m SO BEHIND in life (I know this is not a helpful thought — I have a long history of putting a lot of pressure on myself). Nonetheless, I have chosen my goal. I would like to earn $100k from my new coaching business. My question for you: is this *too* impossible? How does one determine that? For example, I believe you said you have a longer term goal of $100M in your business but you’re not trying to leap right to that next year.

If I were not working I would pick it in a heartbeat. This number feels super motivating and like it will bring out my most creative, most amazingly productive side. But the fact is I do have a full-time job that I love and need to keep for financial reasons, and I take care of my mom part-time, along with the other life tasks that go along with maintaining a house, car and a life on one’s own (I’m single, live alone). On the other hand I have a long list of reasons why I’m going to be amazing as a coach. I trained a long time ago and have done a bit of coaching on & off, hardly earning anything at all, but I truly feel my preparation is now where it needs to be, and this is my year to go big. I have a long list of other reasons why I could be wildly successful, as long as I can get over myself. And, the point is to pick something that feels impossible, right?

I’m hoping you’ll say: “Yes, go for it” because that’s what I truly want to set as my goal. (And I know it’s my ultimate choice!) But I don’t want to set a goal that is so far off/unrealistic that mid-way through the year I’m terribly upset because I’m nowhere near it, and lose steam and stop.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.