Is urge a feeling?

I notice I’ll have a thought about money. I think the initial thought comes from lack – “we aren’t going to have enough, I need more money.” I think I feel worried, and from that worry I take a lot of action. If I zoom out of my life, the action from worry is doing absolutely nothing to produce more money.

C – Feeling of Worry about money
T – I need to figure this out
F – Urge?
A – Stop whatever I’m doing to look at my bank account, pull out a pen and paper and jot down expenses and incomes. See what I’m left with. If it’s lower then I thought, I typically beat myself up and think about what I spent and how I could have more. I then typically worry throughout the day and ruminate on my money. Get annoyed if someone from my family interrupts me while I’m “figuring it out. If it’s higher then I thought I will say I’m doing a good job and everything is okay and get on with my day.
R – ?

I would love to create an intentional model around this and would love some help.

C – Feeling of worry about money
T – This is normal, I can feel worried and not react to it? Circumstances are neutral? We are okay in this moment?
F – Relaxed
A – Process the feeling of worry. When in a confident space look at finances and decide on how I want to address. What I want to save/spend. Look at my values and what is important to me in this season. Have my own back with whatever my bank account says.
R – ?

I would love your thoughts. Thanks!