It’s never the C…i fully get it now

I have to share this because you will get it and it is an amazing example of what we are learning with the model.

I am 42 and have never been an athlete but have always wanted to be one.

I started working out about 16 months ago and ran my first 5K last week.

Because of covid, race was done virtual using strava (an app) to submit our results.

I won first place in my age group.

I feel like an impostor. My thought: strava must have had a glitch because i am not a runner.

Mindblowing right? It’s never the C. Now i have the urge to go and run another 5K to see if it was true or not.

I ran my first race, won first place in my age group and i feel AWFUL because my brain has not caught up with my new identity. And i will admit I am tearing up as I am writing this….it is never the C…now I can fully understand it.