It’s not fair

I’ve noticed this thought come up lately that “it’s not fair” in relation to other people getting clients or job offers. And my brain tells me that it’s not fair because I’m the one who’s qualified, I work harder, and I’m more qualified. I’m making the circumstance mean that there’s something wrong with me, people don’t like me, and I’ll never be successful. I find the first feeling is panic, and I got into scarcity feeling like I need to do something about this immediately, and my actions are spinning in my head about it. I then find that the feelings turn to anger but ultimately the actions are hiding and passive action. I’ve done so much self-work on this, but I am finding the anger, scarcity, and panic are habitually coming as my brain goes to the same thoughts. And I make it all mean something about me. I’m curious mostly as I’m watching myself about the feeling of panic and then how it turns to anger.