What I’ve Learned from Scholars so Far

Thank you, Brooke

Thank you for the VIP content, it takes everything to the next level for me
Thank you for your bravery and for sharing your brilliance, you inspire

Nurturing the beautiful glorious mind
1. I commit to no self harm. What this means is that I commit to minimizing time spent in overwhelm, depression, negativity, hopelessness, fear, self-defeat, and other indulgent emotions that go nowhere but down or status quo
2. I commit to a positive mental orientation.
3. I commit to affirming and following through on the things I can control in life.
4. I commit to learning about and practicing commitment and not quitting
5. I commit to visualizing and maintaining a healing, nurtured, brilliant, productive, inspired, creative mind
6. I commit to no manuals.
7. I commit to a positive life story.
8. I commit to questioning my thoughts and creating new thoughts using CTFAR, based on the results I’d like to produce
9. I commit to creating protocols for success and committing to them.
10. I commit to unconditional love.
11. I commit to a future that does not equal the past.
12. I commit to accepting the past as perfect for me.
13. I commit to continually learning from events in my life.
14. I commit to contrast as a force for growth.
14. I commit to self-evolution.
15. I commit to asking useful powerful questions to move toward helpful powerful solutions.
16. I commit to asking my brain to provide extraordinary solutions and then listening for the answers and acting upon them.
17. I commit to learning the difference between my animal mind, programmed mind and intentional mind.
18. I commit to repeatedly turning my focus to my intentional mind.