(Jessica) Weight loss fear?

I have been following intermittent fasting and counting urges for about a month and a half now. In the last week my activity has increased (just in walking and doing more stairs), I have tighten up my “joy” eats and grab ass, drank more water, drank less alcohol and listened to my hunger. Then poof 4# down, when I was struggling to loose a half a pound for a year! I am in disbelief and want to keep going but I am worried I will use this as an excuse to allow more grab ass. Competing thoughts! I assume this is common. I want to notice and work through the thoughts! Is this common?
C: I lost weight
T: No way can this be true!
F: scared the scale is lying
A: Eat sugar
R: Prove myself right

C: I lost weight
T: Great job having your own back and trusting the process!
F: Determination
A: Stick with the protocol
R: Loose more weight