Joy eat and blood sugar spike

I am prediabetic and have been doing no sugar or flour, plus testing my blood a couple of times a day. Doing well in that regard. I am expecting a good lab report this week. My challenge is in doing my joy eat once a week. A couple of weeks ago I made GF chocolate chip cookies with my granddaughter and allowed myself a little dough (being honest here) and one cookie. Blood sugar spike to 148. Not good. So those are out for now.
The next week I had sugar-free coconut milk ice cream. Still got a spike even though the sugar alcohol in it is not supposed to raise your blood glucose. Last night I switched away from sweet and had GF, DF pizza, which I had not had for 3 months. Two small slices for my joy eat, plus little sugar free coconut milk ice cream. Another large spike.
I am wondering if I should just do away with the joy eats, although since I am already restricted by so many foods, it is nice to take a little break once a week. I did the tedious worksheet and did enjoy the food in small bites.
Thought download:
C. Ate pizza and ice cream
T. I shouldn’t have eat foods that spike my blood sugar
F. Guilt and frustration
A. Eat joy eat once a week
R. Continue blood sugar spikes once a week

C. Ate pizza and ice cream
T. I will fuel my body with foods that do not raise my blood sugar
F. Inspired
A. Eat foods that do not spike blood sugar
R. Blood glucose stays low

Thoughts? Throw out joy eats totally?