Judging others’ weights (as a covert way of self-judging)

I have been doing amazing after being on my stop overeating protocol for five weeks. I have lost 8 pounds, but it feels even more dramatic as I can fit into all of my cute dresses that I gave up wearing 2 years ago (AFTER FIVE WEEKS!!! Amazing), and I think I can start tucking my blouses into my skirt again at work (I started wearing my blouses loose versus tucked in as the weight started to climb). I went shopping yesterday and had so much fun and this is a total 360 from my usual clothes shopping experience. I have a ways to go towards my goal, but I’m feeling amazing – I can’t believe I was at this weight previously and didn’t feel great about myself, because I do now!

I wanted to ask for some help on thoughts I have been having when I see overweight people. Previously I would harshly judge them mentally, and I knew it was a defensive reaction to my own discomfort with my own weight, and a reflection of my own self judgement.

Now I’m finding my thoughts are “they shouldn’t be eating how they are. I wish they knew the information I do so they would be able to change how they eat and would be healthier.” Again, I feel like this is a reflection of my own self judgement of myself at various weights I’ve been and basically a rejection of myself at heavier weights, mixed together with a dash of genuine desire for others to benefit from the information I now have and didn’t have my whole life (this is all in my head – I am not actually saying anything to anyone!).

I’ve been using the thought you suggested for someone else on one of the calls “I have my own back at any weight”, and that’s been helping a lot. I’ve also been using “that is the perfect weight for them right now”.

Do you have any other suggestions of how I can approach this judgement of others (and really of myself) at different weights?