July Homework Question

I’m running into a little confusion over the daily assignment. When I think of something that wasn’t great about yesterday, am I to run a model on what I could have done to have a different, better feeling outcome in the first place, or run a model on how I could feel better about the outcome that was? It feels funny to try and feel good about something I regret! For instance, I was less than generous with a stranger yesterday and afterwards I felt foolish and regretted having the thoughts that made me feel and act the way I did. I can easily come up with a thought that would have generated an entirely different outcome. Is this what I should be doing? Or am I supposed to change my thinking so I no longer regret acting in the way I did (I can look at the situation with compassion, but it feels awkward to feel good about behaving in a way I wish I wouldn’t have). The whole thing sent me into a bit of a funk that I couldn’t let go of for a while – is that what I should try and rewrite? This is just one example, but so far I have run into similar road blocks with the assignment (Another example is spending the day with my brother and thinking that he was drinking too much. How do I tell that story so it was truly great?) Please help! Thank you.