“Just When I Thought I was Out, They Pull Me Back In…”

Hey Brooke,

Wanted to share with you that I watched the Stop Overeating Workshop twice (!) and really got it. I prepared myself a protocol and have been eating accordingly for the past ten days and never felt better.

Yesterday my husband brought from the doorman several packages of some clothes I have purchased online and normally he never mentions anything but since there were five of them he said, ‘Happy to see you got yourself a new wardrobe.’

Suddenly I realized that while I installed the desire for food in place, without realizing the pleasure seeking shifted to online shopping.

When I realized I smiled and thought, ‘Wow! You motherf@*%$ brain of mine. You thought I will not find out you tricked me by focusing on a single pleasure seeking? Alright, let’s see who is smarter…’

Anyway, I thought it was interesting how it slipped through just as I thought I got the overeating installed and in place.
It is so great to have that awareness now and not beat myself up, but rather observe, make a note to self, and correct.

With Gratitude.