Just Want to Say….

Brooke –


SCS is getting me used to the idea that the commitment to mental hygiene is a lifelong daily exercise

First, the daily routine of completing my homework has been amazing in and of itself

Second, and almost more important for me, is the awakening to the idea that this process means I am never done learning and growing and changing.

Every 30 days I am faced with the opportunity to recommit and enter into unfamiliar territory; to challenge the way I show up in the world and to make the choice to continue becoming.

Just as I enter into a relationship of comfort and ease with my assignments …

You send a new challenge….

There is no “easy button”

And I don’t even want that button most of the time any more. WOW

While there are still a number of lights to turn on in my brain and some important thought cleaning to do –

Your teachings have opened my mind to possibilities and to questions and to choices

It still takes me a while to find new thoughts and that’s okay.

I am learning how to do this and that’s amazing

I will fail and get back up and that’s how I will show up

Thank YOU and your Master Coaches

Dying to see what I get to face next!!!