Karen’s cluttered home Q2

I appreciate what you are saying about cleaning up after him as this is what I do in the areas where I can (kitchen, living room, bathroom etc). I tell myself often that I am choosing to do this. Admittedly I don’t do it with the bedroom laundry, because part of me is still angry with how he so blatantly refused to work with me on any level over that even though it was clearly a problem for me and I was trying hard to find a solution for both of us.
My question regarding this response though is that I don’t know what to do with his stuff for this assignment because it is for storage areas and closets where his stuff is overflowing. I had every intention of doing the work myself. All I asked him to do is be ok with me doing it and to answer the 3 questions for all the stuff. He said “I don’t want to think about it” and got angry when I tried to get some kind of an answer as to how I can proceed. What do you do with someone else’s stuff if they refuse to answer the 3 questions?