I keep sharing because it is exiting !

Hi Brooke,

You asked me to keep sharing so here I am, sharing. I started scholars in september, I lost 4kg in september and a little over 3kg in october. I am down 8kg now (18 lb). I am very proud to say that I am not obese anymore according to my BMI. This is a victory for me because it’s been 8 years I haven’t been obese. I was afraid for my health as I saw the years going by.

I “just” worked on my mind. It is easier that I ever though it would be. I expected thing to be hard. I am still waiting. No tears, no drama, nothing, just me having fun during the journey. In my mind I am like “That’s it, really ? Where is the fight ? I am ready ! I trained for it !”

Nobody knows that I am even doing something about my weight. I don’t talk about it. I just live my life and see weight going away. It is funny to see people telling me that I look good, very happy and exited. Nobody (nearly) realized that I lost weight. They just tell me that there is something about me these days. Yep, sure. I just stopped taking shit about myself to myself all day long. No wonder I feel and look better.

I don’t want to make goals with a date on them about my weight because I know I am going to blow my own mind about this. I am even scared about what I am capable now. I know I am going to loose those 55 to 60lb and I know it will be done soon enough. I am not even exited about it as much, because in my head it is as if it was already done so there is no fun anymore. Do you see what you to on people Brooke ?! I was obsessed with loosing weight my entire life and now, I don’t even care anymore because it is too easy. I am already thinking as if I was thin and my thin self, doesn’t care about weight loss and cares about other stuff like business and relationships. The funny thing is that while I am making thought download and models about my business, I am not overeating and thus loosing some more weight. This is sooo dope !

Jokes appart, thanks for what you do Brooke.