Keeping Promises to Myself

I have been in SCS since September. My favorite and most impactful month for me so far was April on Time Management. It wasn’t so much what I learned, it was the frustration that came up that month. One of the common threads in the SCS work is keeping promises to myself. Whether it is keeping a food or drink protocol or scheduling the things I need to get done during the day. I have high integrity when it comes to keeping promises and commitments to others even in small details like showing up on time for appointments. I do great working for others. However, when it comes to doing things for myself that do not impact anyone except for me, I am challenged. Some examples include meditation in the morning, keeping food and drink protocols, scheduling in free time for myself and other related areas. I would love to understand better why this is and my thinking. It feels like my reasons may be deep and I am going to have to dive in to understand why. Realize it is also a matter of action and writing everything down every day. Anyway, would love more coaching in this area.