Hi- I want to say thank you, Brooke! I just joined scholars in early April— I haven’t even started as I have been waiting for May to begin. In the meantime I chose to do the stop over eating videos. 13 lbs are gone just from doing exactly what Brooke suggests. (My eyes start to well up just typing this because I believed I would never be able to lose weight)….I also am having several mini break throughs in my thinking about various other things. I feel as though someone handed me a set of keys to unlock all the struggles I have had for my adult life. The hardest part is doing ONE thing at a time. I am so excited about the program! Today I even said to myself– someday I will own a swimming pool and I actually believed it! Anyway, I am so excited and that feeling is like a huge heart opening — it feels uncomfortable. I have been learning to schedule my time according to Brooke’s advice. I have been so productive ever since podcast #261 in my business (I run a workshop for adult beginners to learn how to play the fiddle) + I am a musician with 2 albums coming out next month. Every time I make a move to go forward the flow happens. For example- one email to a book concert series resulted in 5 booked concerts. This is all very great but I feel like I can’t keep up with the pace of how fast my life is changing. Also, my students are prompting me to license my business and turn it into a franchise. I am also creating an online school. I also teach millions of individuals. I have so many ideas of how to keep expanding…and the excitement leads me to want to shut down.I feel like it’s a lot all at once and I just want to turn to wine or socializing to let myself escape all the energy and change in my life. I feel like I need some downtime… yet I want to keep manifesting…. Do you have any advice on this?