Kids’ Bedtime

I have two children whom I adore. They are young, 4 and 2, and up until earlier this year, they had a very consistent 7pm bedtime. Much of my work time and free time was planned around that bedtime.

Months ago they began this “shift” and would not stay in bed and go to sleep when we would do the whole bedtime routine at 7pm. Just in the last week, we’ve started the bath time/bedtime routine at 7pm and put them in their room together with everything as it should be… but they play in their room, unpack their dresser, dump out all their toys, climb on things, and then will keep coming out to make “requests” for things as an effort to not go to sleep.

So despite us starting bedtime at 7pm, they haven’t been going to sleep until 10-10:30. So 3 and a half hours trying to get them to go to bed.

I feel panic.

That precious time of work and quiet… is now not available to me anymore. Where can I possibly find a reliable source of solace and work time now that my previous option is null and void?