How do you know? Intentention thoughts/Neuro linguistic programming/massive action

Hi Brooke!!!!
I am loving SCS -will see you in Sept training and totally inhaling as much info as possible in the interim. My question revolves around what I’m finding/thinking is a gray line – how do you know when you are crossing intentional thoughts that may hold you back from evolving your brain? My example is around work – I totally see when I look for evidence of loving my job all is well vs when I look for things that annoy me I’m ready to leave. I know I feel better and perform better with the positive thoughts. When I read such things as Big Magic, Last Word on Power, listen to Tony Robbins speak on massive action and listen to Joe Dispenza speak on breaking the habit of being you I wonder if by continuously choosing to find the positive in what I am currently does it reinforce NLP to be less than what I could possibly create with new ideas? Perhaps it’s a bridge thought I’m missing and I may be looking to just jump? I’m not done with The Last Word yet so perhaps it sheds more light but at this point I am so passionate about all of it my head is ready to explode! Lol
I can’t wait for more training and have big ideas – just want to ensure all the neural pathways are getting fired up correctly!😜
Thanks for all you do.
Make it a great day -I know you will!