Knowing for sure I can help them

Hi Coaches,

Coach-in-training here. My question is about confidence and self doubt. How can I charge a client $2000 to work with me, and not know for SURE that they will get the result they want (e.g. confidence coaching so they can make more money in their business). [I’M working on my OWN confidence here.]

I know their results are their models, but I’m struggling with my own self doubt in asking them for money when I don’t know without a shadow of a doubt I can help them get the result they want. I believe I can really help them feel better, do more, change the way they think and grow, but will it put money in their pockets? This I don’t know, and I also don’t offer strategy (i.e. how to MAKE the money – steps) so it really freaks me out. Can you offer me a new way of looking at this / making sense of it? Thank you so much!