Lack of Husband’s Support

It is amazing how my husband continues to give me shit even after I do the thing which he forbids me to do. He forbid me to quit my job, and after a year I finally quit it. After quitting, he still continues to use every opportunity to pass snarky comments every time he feels the slightest discomfort with me in the background. Somehow, it can be blamed to me.

C- I have a 9 pm meeting, I decided to go to my office at 8:30 pm while my daughter is crying so that I can make her sleep as she doesn’t want the nanny to make her sleep. He says, “Why are you not making her sleep if your call is at 9 pm”
T- he is an ass who doesn’t care about what matters to me
F- angry
A- mumble that I have to study, say bye to daughter firmly, kiss her, ignore his snarky comments, leave him talking to himself, go to the office
R- I don’t care about what really matters to me

I want to love him, but I can’t tolerate it when he expects me to do things that don’t matter to me at the moment. I don’t want to seem non loving or indifferent. I just wish he supported me in everything I did.