Laddering from "I’m not doing enough" to "I’m doing enough"

I have a habit of thinking I’m not doing enough, I should be doing more, I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing in the moment. I have many interests, and I am starting to see how these thoughts are preventing me from the result I want of achieving greater mastery in multiple interests. I want to ladder from “I’m not doing enough” to “I am doing enough” or maybe even something better and actually believe it.

This is what I came up with:
I made some progress on my goal today. (Grow to 100k on tik tok)
I made an impact on my audience today (on tik tok)
I helped someone today

I do believe these to be true, yet I find that I still feel “too heavy” to put effort into my other goals .. I kind of just want to scroll or drink or buffer I’m noticing.

I am growing my audience as a content creator, yet I also want to practice dance with enthusiasm and not so much resistance as well as my other arts/hobbies .. yet with these should thoughts and “not doing enough” running on auto pilot, I burn myself out before I even get to the other hobbies for myself.

Eventually what happens is I focus so much on helping people and even sometimes buffering with making more videos for them that I don’t spend time with myself.