Last 5 lbs dare

Here we go Brooke. You said for me to do it, so let’s! It’s like the dare of the month, or rather, the dare of a life-time. I am so tired of these last 5 lbs (more in my head than physically).

So here goes. Here’s the protocol for the next two weeks. Planning to weigh 117 lbs by the end of June!

Protocol: No Wine. No Treats. Only eat when hungry, stop when full (this is the hardest part).

Model (intentional):

C: Last 5 lbs
T: I don’t need them
F: Empowered
A: Follow Protocol, be disciplined
R: Lose the last 5 lbs

Question: I like being hungry before eating… but sometimes I can’t wait for it… I mean, I can’t wait to be hungry. What’s going on there?

Thanks for the push! And for being here. 🙂