Last Word on Power: What was your Winning Strategy?

Thank you for recommending The Last Word on Power. It’s a challenging read, but I can tell it’s a powerful one.

Would you be willing to share what you identified as your Winning Strategy, and what was your path or Re-Invention?

I am a food writer and blogger, and I think my Winning Strategy has been to be very authentic, accessible and relatable. This Winning Strategy has brought me to where I am today, with a loyal following and an established authority in my niche, but these values of authenticity and accessibility make it difficult to scale my business, because it feels like everything has to be touched by me to feel authentic and relatable.

Not sure how I’m going to reinvent myself moving forward — still working my way through the book! — but I’d love to hear what you uncovered for yourself.

Thank you so much if you’re keen to share.