Leaving a relationship with a person professionally diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


I am a new to Scholars. I joined 2 days ago. SO happy to be here

My 4+ year long relationship with my live-in partner, who happens to be a psychiatrist by training, but also happens to carry a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is ending. I have broken our engagement and asked him to move out by April 1st.

I will assure you that I am in therapy to address the incredibly sophisticated psychological abuse that was a big part of our relationship (as you might imagine). I am overweight and want to address this issue yet I feel like I also need to dive deeply into the thought work as well. I know you suggest starting in just 1 area first. I am learning The Model and have also begun watching the Weight Loss Workshop. I have been a member of OA in past years. I am also starting a business. I am a coach and a Reiki Master/Teacher and wanna-be-blogger. I am also healing.

Do you have suggestions on where to focus my energy right now given my circumstances?

I am not overwhelmed nor confused….nor am I a victim of anyone!

I am ready to create differently from this day forward. I am on my way.