less eating, more drinking.

I quit smoking 1 month ago and dropped sugar and flour 2 weeks ago. My husband mentioned yesterday that he’s noticed I’m drinking more. Instead of an evening drink once or twice a week, I’ve been having one or more, three-four times a week. I had not noticed this. My T is that I’m replacing one buffer with another.

That being said, I’ve read here to tackle one thing at a time. Since my weight loss journey is still requiring a lot of active, daily thought work, should I be focusing on decreasing my drinking as well, or should I just continue to simply be aware of it?

Unintentional Model:
C: alcoholic drink 4 times a week
T: i’m clearly replacing one buffer (overeating) with another (overdrinking)
F: doubtful of my ability to do this correctly
A: give up on everything
R: overeat

** in the above model, the result doesn’t prove the thought, can you help me with this?

Intentional Model:
C: alcoholic drink 4 times a week
T: that’s interesting that I’m drinking more than before
F: curious
A: continue to notice my actions
R: ??