Lessons I’ve learned about making Commitments for my Future Self

I have found myself wallowing in a cycle of buffering and inaction when it comes to my IG2020. So today I sat down and did some models on the result I am creating vs the result I want to create
so I can find the thought that will create the feelings that will get me moving.

The thought I created is:
“I may not want to do this now, but I said I would do it earlier. So I will do it”

This made me think one of Brooke’s podcasts on making commitments and she said that when we agree to do something we are making a deal between my current self and my future self who has to take the action.
It is something we both agree to do:

Me of today: “the You of tomorrow is going to do this”
Me of tomorrow: “Okay I agree. I’m down. We are both in accord, I will do that.”
*we shake hands, done deal, feel satisfied and productive*

Tomorrow comes:
The new me of today: *whiny voice* “I don’t want to that… but I shook on it!” Gosh, darn it.

This hits home to me that when I am making commitments I really want to think about what I am going to put myself through or what I am asking myself to do. I want to do things that aren’t easy and do push
me to grow, but at the same time are reasonable. Thus comes in the new thought: “I may not want to do this now, but I said I would, so I will do it.
Yesterday I had this great thought that I would do this thing, but now I’M THE PERSON who has to keep this commitment and take all these actions. Not my past self who made the decision, not my future self who has already done it. I’m the one stuck doing everything.

This is the perfect lesson to learn for this month as I am writing the new story of my life.
I need to be careful that the future me of tomorrow will appreciate the rules and regulations I am making today, so she will not want to rebel against them because they are unreasonable.”

Today as I thought my new thought it created for me a sting of indignation. “Oh my goodness past self, what the heck were you thinking? You obviously weren’t thinking of me right now, because now I have to do all this.”

The ultimate lesson I learned as I am writing my new story: I do not want my future self to look at my past self and think of me as an “unreasonable slave driver!”