Letting go of Sugar and Flour plus Grains, etc.

I have listened to and read the transcript of the How to Stop Overeating class. Great info. Since then, I have been diagnosed with prediabetes. Surprisingly, since I am with a “normal” weight range. However, I had noticed that my fasting blood glucose was creeping up. So, it is now time for me to really get serious about limiting sugar and flour and lowering my insulin levels. I am testing my blood glucose at various times of the day to see what drives it up. My question is this; I am a Fact Finder and have been doing a ton of reading about prediabetes and diabetes and there is a lot of conflicting information out there and I am wondering – some say you can have complex carbs and grains in limited amounts and some day to eliminate them totally. How did you decide how to change your son’s insulin resistance (no sugar or flour) and what are you thoughts about adding a sweet potato or brown rice? Was there a lot of push back from him and how did you deal with it? Right now I am also doing the work around desire..I love to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies with my granddaughter and I want to desire to not eat a bit of the dough and one cookie. My problem is not stuffing my face with cookies – I can stop there. But I know every bit of sugar can hurt. I am highly motivated to lower my insulin – I do not want to develop diabetes!! Thanks so much.