Letting Go

I’ve recently realized that the reason I haven’t let go of love for my ex-boyfriend yet is because I don’t want to. By letting go, that means he is really out of my life — and I am no longer in love with anyone. Until now, I think I’ve preferred to love him and be a bit sad about it, rather than be over him and therefore alone. But, I know holding on is no longer serving me. So, I’m ready to let go. I’m scared and it sucks, because I don’t want him out of my life, but I also don’t want him in my life the way he is now – me sad every time I think about him, wishing things were different.

Now the Question – How in the world do I LET GO? I understand the concept, but I have no idea what steps to take to get there. What can I do besides not talking to him and trying to re-direct my thoughts when I think about him? Is it just a matter of intentionally thinking thoughts of letting go?