Life after baby

My husband and I are having a baby at the end of November and we’re both excited and a little nervous.
What I’m struggling with is how people talk about having a baby – I get a lot of comments about getting sleep now, how I’ll never leave the house after the baby, how my husband and I will never be alone again, etc. The comments make it sound awful.
I think I already know the answer to this but is this just people’s negative thinking causing their feelings, actions and results? I tend to compare it with people saying they’re ‘so busy’ – I think people use this as a way to buffer their lives from what they really want and are afraid of going after i.e. let’s blame the baby for how my life has gone.
I have a model friend who has a 3 month old baby – she and her husband have a great routine around sleep, they make sure they go out and do the activities they did as a couple with the baby and she depends on family and babysitters to get out and do errands, get her nails done, have dinner with friends, as she did before baby. She is really my model!
Again I think I know the answer, but can I just ignore the cliches and pave my own way as a parent? Would love to hear your experience with newborns!