My Life is in Crisis Mode

Dear Brooke,
The drama in my world is getting in the way of my dream to be an amazing Life Coach. What are your suggestions to find focus on this work when so much is pulling me off center?

I found your book Self Coaching 101 and LOVE IT! I am currently trying to finish up my certification thru another Coaching Program that I enrolled in before finding your material. Even though I am not quite finished with this program, I jumped into Coaching Scholars. I also hopped on the wagon for the Masterclass in February…thinking that this would give me the incentive I need to finish up my iPEC program I am in. I started Scholars in October with enthusiasm and now I am in a bit of overwhelm and fear of failure.

The current situation in my life is that I am separated from my husband of 32 years due to finding out that he has cheated on me my entire marriage. I confirmed this month that he is actively in an affair with the director of HR in our company. She was a friend of mine and my children. I have 5 adult children ranging from 30 to 18. My 20 year old son who is still living at home was working for his dad in the family company when this all came out. He has additional stress factors in his life but, this affair with someone he also worked with put him over the edge and he attempted suicide a couple of weeks ago in his anger and despair. He was hospitalized, is now on anti-depressants and enrolled in an intensive out-patient group therapy program as well as getting individual counseling. We took his car so I am now the driver to all of his appointments and keeping watchful eye and engagement with him during his fragile time. I did not get the homework assignments done for October even though the activities of purging the clutter in and out were so perfect for what I need to do to prep this house to sell and to purge the mental and emotional clutter of this marriage situation. I feel as though I am in an inner and outer storm. I feel that with the knowledge I have in Life Coaching I should be doing a better job navigating all of this than I feel I am. I feel behind in the work of this material and the inner work of my life. I have not yet completed the $10,000 coaching program I started a year ago because I feel stalled out with the divorce issue in front of me, and now I have invested another $8,000 for the Masterclass plus the $300 per month in the Scholars. Sometimes it feels that I am looking outside myself for someone or something to “fix” it all!…And, I do want someone to follow out of my chaotic life and help me craft a new beginning! I love and ascribe to your model! Your work and energy is fantastic. You are the role model of the Coach I want to be! And…every day is a struggle to maintain equanimity. I will recommit to the November work and revisit October as I can. Do you have suggestions for me to stay on task during this time of grief, rage, and life upheaval?