Life Feels Hard

Hi, I would like some help with an intentional model for the thought ‘life feels hard.’ Every day feels like an uphill battle. I have 3 little kids, work full time, and am constantly trying to clean up the house, keep up with laundry, cook meals, plan activities for the kids, plan birthdays etc. I know these are all neutral facts but yet it feels like there is so much to do and that it’s hard to get everything done. I feel like I’m always forgetting more stuff that needs to be done. I would like for daily life to feel manageable or even enjoyable but the thought ‘life is easy’ or ‘everything will get done when it needs to’ doesn’t feel true. My brain spins it to say’ everything will get done when it needs to because I will work extra hard and go through my to do list a hundred times to ensure it all gets done’ which makes me feel exhausted. Suggestions? Thanks!