Lights out conflicts with group coaching call.

I’m taking a course for my business and the leader is in a time zone 8 hours behind mine. That means once a week there is a call at 10pm my time. I’ve already decided to attend the calls at this time (as opposed to watch the recording) as there is an opportunity to ask questions and get coaching on this call.

I’m also working on a 30 day goal to be in bed with lights out at 11pm every night, so there is a conflict here.

C: Call ends at 11pm, same time as my ‘lights out’ goal
T: I can’t go straight to bed. I need ‘wind down’ time
F: pressure
A: Spend the day mentally reviewing the various options – attend the call and leave early, attend the full call and make ‘lights out’ 11.30 tonight instead…..
R: Attend the call with the backdrop of this mental noise, lights out is 11.30 but it still seems ‘default’ vs deliberate

C: Call ends at 11pm, same time as my ‘lights out’ goal
T: This challenge is an opportunity for me to rise to
F: Inspired
A: Go through my day feeling peaceful about the situation. Attend the call and go straight to bed afterwards
R: I get ‘field notes’ and get to test out my theory about needing ‘wind down’ time – and data I can apply next week (the course is 12 weeks!)

I’d like some feedback on my model please