Liking my reasons

Hi coaches, the question might sound very silly but the answer seems not so obvious for me.  What does it mean to like your reasons, making sure you like your reasons?  If I have to list the reasons why I exercise:
– I feel accomplished afterwards for doing something hard
– I like endorphins
– exercise brings some intensity in my daily life
– I like to feel my body crave for food
– It wakes me up and gives me a hit that lasts for the rest of the day
– I do not have a solid trust in eating what my body needs, so doing exercise reassures me the consequences of these become less visible
– I more easily feel my body is worthy of rest and appreciation
– When I appreciate my body I have more desire to connect to other people
– I actively do something to care about my shape

Now, I have had a history of being nostalgic for how my body looked, feeling dejected for not being able to keep my body in a stable shape that I like when I look myself in the mirror. Some of the reasons listed here above are an attempt to reduce the nostalgia and dejection in my life. So buffering? I guess so, but having a new relationship with my body image is a long process and I don’t want to risk to see my body change while I climb my way to body love. If I did not experience nostalgia and dejection would I still exercise? Probably. I would just exercise less precisely, just “when I feel like”.

So in the list above there are some reasons I seem to like.  Some others I may like less.  How can I tell if I am loving my reasons enough? Should I stop exercising because I have conflicting reasons and go into a sort of exposure therapy in front of my nostalgia and dejection. I do not have yet a strong enough reason to embark myself into something like this…