Live call Brooke November 16

Today I watched the last live coaching call. Wow! The best until now! The way you coach Brooke, direct, with compassion, to the point, with humor. Although I’m not the one who’s being coached I learn sooo much from it. This time especially from the Californian law practitioner/painter and from Narida, your future designer!

I recognized myself in the ‘not knowing’ what career to choose. The questions you asked were spot on. “What do you choose if any of these 2 careers would make you happy?”. Also your remark on our ‘life’s work’: It doesn’t have to be your career, it’s how you show up in whatever you’re doing. And I listened, not for the first time, to you saying “if you want to get out of a job (or relation etc) in a hurry, that means there’s still work to be done”. I remember also a situation where I was the one that still had to learn so much and decided to quit. I’m realizing now what I was thinking.

And then Narida, I love her, exactly how she is. I know that feeling, or better, that thought, of always depending on the judgment of others in my work for my self confidence. And I know intellectually, for years and years, that it doesn’t work that way, but still, only the last few months (started SCS in October) I really feel I’m making progress. I’ve also experience working as a journalist 7 days a week, just to avoid ‘failure’ and criticism, until I became physically exhausted. ‘A nervous wreck’ you would say!

At this moment, at the beginning of a new career in painting, or more correctly, not just painting, but the whole package that comes with it ( sales, contacting galleries, clients…). I’m scared to death. But… I’m not going back to the cave, I continue, step by step…

I can’t compare. I feel so different. Yes, still no rainbows and daisy’s here, but I feel alive, responsible, aware of the drama versus the facts. To be continued.

Thank you Brooke.