Living situation decision

Hello! I need to make a decision between two apartments. I know that there is no wrong decision and my thoughts need to support whichever decision I make, but I keep flip flopping between the two. I listed some details about both apartments thinking it would help me decide, but it didn’t.
Apartment A
– smaller, no storage for inventory, exercise bike would have to be stored in the bedroom, $300 cheaper
Apartment B
– bigger, has a home office, nicer windows and finishes, but more expensive and $100 over my original budget
My immediate thought is…“I want to live in apartment B because it’s my dream apartment, but I should choose Apartment A because it’s cheaper”
I know I will be happy in either apartment. They’re both nice. I don’t like my reason for choosing Apartment A. I don’t like my reason for choosing Apartment B either.
So my brain is like, “okay well you might as well go with the cheaper option because what if your business goes down the drain, then you’ll be stuck in a lease for an expensive apartment and that $300 will come in handy” Also, I feel a little irresponsible and guilty for wanting to move to this nice place.
I live in a nice place now but it happened by accident. I moved here with my now ex boyfriend, then he moved out so I was stuck paying all of the rent. But as scary as it was I worked it out!
Time is running out and there’s only one available so I have to decide relatively quickly. I’d like some feedback from Scholars on navigating this decision because I’ve never had to make a financial commitment like this before.