Looking for guidance with Model, beginning with FEELING line

Hi, I just had an opportunity to feel REALLY frustrated. Basically we just got a phone call to ask why we hadn’t shown up to the driving lesson appointment for my 15 YO daughter. This is not the 1st time we have forgotten. I had it on my calendar. It’s not like we have anything going on…we’re all sitting around, relaxing. UGH. I decided I would take time to look at the feeling through doing an unintentional model and an intentional one. I would appreciate some insights, thanks!!

C Instructor called and said “you missed your appointment”
T I screwed up again
A express frustration, verbally, to instructor/husband/daughter. Experience tightness in head/chest. Chastise myself. Make UGH sounds
R I screw up my morning

C Instructor called and said “you missed your appointment”
T It’s okay to forget things
F compassionate
A breathe, allow the critical thoughts to hang out but not make them mean anything, plan for lesson options, become present
R I am okay