Looking forward to August

Hi Brooke, I am the one whose hubby asked if she was having an affair because I have turned from a grumpy old lady to a happy loving wife. I joined in June because of your topic of relationships. I had what I thought was a VERY difficult husband. Prior to joining I had lost 30 pounds but was having trouble losing anymore. I am now up to 43 with your program. I could probably lose another 5 to10 pounds but worry so much about my saggy skin. My biggest challenge is the SOD which I am determined to achieve. I used to drink a bottle of wine nightly and now I drink a couple of times a week, but its still more than I want to drink. At 67, I have been looking for a purpose for sometime. I wrote you earlier about making my family my purpose. I am getting so much out of your program and from now on I will move out of the shadows and sign my questions to you. I am holding back on being coached live because I HATE how old I look on my computer screen…I know a “bad” thought….it will be my biggest dare if I manage to ask for live coaching. Thanks for all you do for us.