Looking In The Mirror Before & After Alcohol

I scheduled with a friend to go out for a drink yesterday. I normally someone who enjoys a glass of wine once in two months or so but haven’t had one since I joined SCS in February and lost 46 pounds (!)
So before I leave the house I am looking at myself in the mirror, everything is in place, my skin is glowing, hair beautifully curled and frames my awaken face.
Five hours later I found myself on the floor of the bar, about to faint, only after two glasses of Chardonnay. I lost my meal while my friend held back my hair, washed my face, and took a cab with me and made sure I got home safe.

After she left I took a cold shower and looked at myself in the mirror. My face seemed seven years older, my jaw muscles were numb, my hair disaster, and my entire body was lifeless and weak.
It may be that losing so much weight changed my body capacity to handle two glasses of wine but I learned a lesson of how alcohol makes me look and feel.
The pose of holding a glass of Chardonnay lasts few moments but it will take few days to detox the appearance damage it left me with. So not worth it.