Lose 8lbs with Scholars Question

I am in my first week of Lose 8 lbs with Scholars. Yesterday, I had a very rough day and was super busy with four hours of driving. I was about to go to sleep and realized I forgot to plan my meals. I quickly jotted down today’s menu, completely forgetting that I actually was planning to eat some leftovers (they fit into my protocol).

Do I just suck it up, acknowledge my mistake and don’t eat the leftovers? (It happened to be very yummy veggies and meat so fits perfectly into my plan).

I actually put on my plan a turkey wrap which is sliced turkey wrapped in a slice of cheese. The leftovers would be sliced lamb and beef that I was going to add to a salad. I guess my follow-up question would be, am I being too specific in my plan? Should I just write down meat and cheese and veggies?