On losing people, etc part 3 :)

Would like your feedback on my inventory 🙂

With respect to losing people, I can say now that many of the events were caused by an unintentional approach to living. I did not know myself, I did not know where I wanted to commit my energy, and I did not know the difference between programmed reactions and conscious choices. I did not know what I value and what I do not value. I did not know the desired outcomes. I did not have a handle on the actions I wanted to take.

And that’s OK, the past is there for us to grow and learn.

There are some big losses, like not getting to have intentional approaches with my parents before they died, with my research director in graduate school, with a good girlfriend I cared a lot about, and with my ex-husband.

The past few years, I took a hiatus from relationships and that’s OK

Other losses have to do with not being intentional with my work, not consistently living a value system that rewarded “clean thinking” –

So where I am now: I do not know exactly how I want to think yet- so this is my next step.
How I shall think about work, contribution, friendships, family. Who shall I choose to become.

This, in my opinion, is CTFAR all the way.

As I mentioned earlier, I am getting in the habit of thinking CTFAR moment by moment.

Therefore I think there is a good chance I will be spring-boarding to a much better life.

I love all the folks who are SCS-ers and of course I continue to send you gratitude for choosing this line of work