When the Universe delivers..a share

One of the things I’ve been struggling with is that I want to shift my therapy practice from home-based (ie, I go to my clients’ homes) to office based (they come to see me). It’s been so big getting through my thought blocks, one of which is “I’ll lose all my clientele” (Intentional thought: “I’ll have clientele that I actually WANT to work with!”). Well, thanks to some work with Suzy, I did finally put the change into action, and start half time in the office next week. Lo and behold, I hear from the agency I contract with that one of their other therapists is leaving so can I take on the caseload? In all my worrying about it, even when I could see the silliness of the thoughts I was having about losing clients, I never once considered that someone else would leave their clients high and dry and I would be asked to take them on.
Point is, we never know what will happen. Best to just take the action in good faith and trust that everything will work out. Why is it so damn hard for me to remember this???