Losing Weight

Hi Brooke!
I am wondering if I am losing enough weight. I am doing intermittent fasting at least 16 hours but sometimes I am not hungry and busy and continue for 18, 20 or 21 feeling just fine. Sometimes I feel much better not eating than eating. Unbelievable! Love this awesome person who is blossoming! I have two meals a day on my protocol but sometimes I only feel hungry for one and eat one, like today. I am beyond surprised by all this. I started the program a little over two weeks ago and right before I was eating flour, sugar and really buffering with food. I am noticing that I don’t think about food all the time as I did not too long ago. My mind is blown at how fast all this is happening. I am doing lots of models, during the day when I am having a difficult feeling I look for the thought behind my feeling. So cool to find it! I allow myself to feel urges and I think that because of fat adaptation and getting so engaged with life I don’t notice them as much. Is it possible that I am fat adapted this fast? The part that I am not as excited about it my weight. I lose every day but not as much as I hear others are losing. A pound or less per day. Losing how much weight per day is the minimum that tells us that we are on target and moving in the right direction? I am wondering if I am missing something and surprised I am not losing more giving all the intermittent fasting and the amounts of food I eat now. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!