Lost in the questions

Today was practicum. I was excited going into the class. My leading thought was “I know what questions to ask”. Then as I started it out, I got lost in asking questions and wasn’t sure I even knew where I was going with the questions.

Here’s my model:

C: Coached today
T: I got lost in the questions
F: Disappointed
A: Doubt myself, think about what I didn’t do, imply my own faults were visible to others, intensified my own negative emotions, did not notice what I did well, did not wait for feedback from others to confirm, did not put any weight in the feedback when it came
R: I create evidence that I was lost when I asked questions

Question: Did I fill out this model correctly?
Question: This feels very real to me. Like it’s a fact, my observation. But how to do use this information to bring awareness to my evaluation of myself?