Lost my MOJO

Hi, ever since I have had kids I feel like I have stopped caring about what I look like. I work out and I maintain a pretty good weight, but I noticed now that I don’t have excitement in dressing my body up anymore—my energy level seems low and I am just not as interested in keeping up my looks. I know that is totally neutral but I do miss the days where I would go shopping and feel like it was fun to dress up my body and now it’s not. Even when I go shopping I am like, what’s the point of buying this, I won’t put it on and I often leave the store with nothing. I have things picked out, and then convince myself I won’t wear any of it so it’s silly to get dressed. I want to bring some of that spark back for me, and wondering if you could help me come up with some good questions, or help me unpack these thoughts so I can decondition the “its not worth it-f-it” mentality I currently have going on. Thanks.