Thought download practice, feeling blocked off from letting thoughts loose on paper and from my feelings

I recognize that this may totally be thought-derived but I often run into the issue of my thoughts going blank when I sit down to do a thought download. So, I sit there thinking about what to write about or get lost in writing about the details of what happened that day.

It’s not that I don’t have anything in my life to work on. There are plenty of things I want to improve on but my mind goes blank when I try to let it go on paper.

Another area I would like help on is when I try to build models with thoughts I’ve successfully identified similar to “my thoughts keep going blank,” then it seems that my feelings kind of go blank. I feel blocked off from them. It’s like they kind of retract and get vacuumed inward and I’m sitting there having trouble identifying accurate feelings that come from the thoughts I’m thinking. Could you speak on this, please?

Last but not least, could you speak on having a daily thought download and processing practice? What could this look like and sound like? I think the issues mentioned above are acting as an obstacle for me to develop a daily practice but I would really like to incorporate this kind of practice into my daily routine.

Thank you very much for your time and insight.