I have been enrolled in SCS since September 2017. I have never committed to engaging in it. I was/am going to school to become an Addiction Counselor, but for some time I have been asking myself “why”? My long time dream has always been to be a life coach, and that is why I joined SCS. I decided to go to school for Addiction Counseling after helping my son through his alcohol addiction and seeing all the need that is needed. I keep having a tug at my mind saying that life coaching is the way I should go, and school is just dragging me away from that. I guess my question is .. How do I know if I should continue going to school even tho I’m not 100% sure it is what I want. I understand that noone can tell me what I should do … but what questions should I be asking myself?? I’m a quick decision maker and tend to make decisions on a whim … but at the moment I can’t think of one that turned out bad?? I scheduled my 10 minute session for next week. Not sure this makes any sense to you .. and somewhat feels like a journal entry .. lol .. any advice would be helpful.
Thank you!
Ginger Lublin