Loving choices on Netflix

So my primary goal is still weight loss (still 10 to 15 pounds or a third of my weight to go) but I’ve been making some big financial decisions lately. And your money videos – the spending one in fact – are just what I needed. I had tried to listen to them before but it wasn’t resonating.

However I’ve been working this weekend on a new budget and have recommitted to YNAB’s budget methodology. I was trying in my head to reconcile a more detailed budget and whether it was okay with the kind of abundance mentality I’ve been focussing on of late and the fact that you recommend earning more income. But I don’t think that earning more is currently my priority. I have a good income and had a small inheritance last year which also helped. I need to think about what I’m doing with the money.

Anyway the video on spending on is exactly what I needed today. My most positive feelings about spending were all big, planned purchases. So I want more of those. I am making choices to free up some money in my budget to fund more investments. With more careful planning I can spend even more on the things that are important to me!!

My compelling reason is knowing that managed funds will deliver more long term value and wellbeing to me than more stuff. This doesn’t make me frugal or uptight. It is abundant, empowering and strong. Making decisions about my financial priorities is good.

I’m also writing heaps of thought downloads and choosing lots of positive thoughts… I am developing confidence in my ability with money. My actions over the last few years show that I’m now good with money. I can trust myself to make and manage these decisions and manage money. I’m not my father – I am responsible with my money. My current strong financial position is not just luck, I have made good choices and will continue to make more. If the market shifts I will adapt. I am strong and empowered.

Today’s dare (and yesterday’s) was to tell two friends what I was doing and how excited I was. A third is that now I’m telling you. It makes me uncomfortable that people will judge me. That looks like the next thing to explore and the next model.

Thanks for everything you do. I wouldn’t be choosing to do this now if I hadn’t been on SCS for the last few months.