Loving where I’m at physically…now for the mental stuff

I joined a gym a year and a half ago and LOVE the results. I work out 6 days a week -doing kickboxing & strength training on opposite days. They do body scans there and since joining, I’ve lost a lot of fat and gained muscle. I love the workout, the changes to my body, the energy & confidence it gives me. For the first time in many years, I am comfortable in my body (& even happy with it!).
I’m interested in your overeating information strictly from the MIND aspect. I don’t want to lose weight (I wouldn’t mind it but don’t need it) & I definitely don’t want to lose muscle. I DO want to have total control over my mind so I can get to that point where I am indifferent to food. For the most part, I eat healthy choices. But there are still things I “can’t resist” (or rather don’t). I want what you describe-having oreos in the cupboard with no interest in eating it. Sitting with friends who are all having dessert and having no desire.
How does this change the approach I should take to the program?