Elusive “in the moment of Overeating thoughts” vs. generalized dissatisfaction with specific elements of life

If I try to unpack why I have eaten for comfort the day before (or the hour before….) , I draw a blank , no thoughts come to mind other than “I want Hagaan Daaz., But, if I ask myself why am i dissatisfied with my life, i DO know for sure that I feel loneliness in my marriage and disappointed in certain aspect of how my teen age children approach life . How do I retell that story so that it serves me if I can’t find those thoughts in the moment. The wanting the ice cream is a “symptom” and the generalized dissatisfaction is the chronic disease….. but i am never quick enough to see any of the overeating “in the moment” elusive thoughts. how can I do the models on them? This has been a continual problem over the past few months so Im hoping this months homework of telling another story will get to the heart of things for me and help me crack this Overeating behavior wide open. If Im not accessing the “in the moment thought” should I do models on what I know Im unhappy with? how do I proceed? i want to break this cycle of the vague generalized thought of “at least let me have these few moments of pleasure eating this food”.